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North American Spring Meeting

April 11-12th 2018

Buffalo Grove, Chicago

Hosted by Amcor

Tackle your most challenging obstacles alongside a global community of sustainability leaders. Together, openly share and benchmark sustainability challenges and best practices.

The Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) has been bringing together sustainability experts from some of the world's most respected organizations for 25 years.

The mission of PSRT is to connect key issues and trends in product sustainability with organizational priorities, creating actionable steps and enabling important business value.

 Spring Meeting Topic Areas:

  • Inside view of Amcor's sustainability program
  • Operationalizing circularity
  • Emerging issues in Product Sustainability
  • Employee engagement & Internal Communications
  • Understanding how companies are assessing and defining "more sustainable" products

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What Will You Gain?

PSRT Focus Areas

The PSRT community meets in a collaborative and non-competitive environment to answer three questions:


1. What are the major issues, trends and opportunities within the product and organizational sustainability space?


The PSRT helps you to track and broaden your understanding of emerging risks and opportunities, and gain cross-industry insights from product value chains.


2. How relevant are these issues and opportunities for my business?


The PSRT enables you to identify what’s most material to your organization, understand the business implications, and determine what you should do about it.


3. How are leading companies addressing these issues?


Drive improved sustainability performance by leveraging members’ collective experiences and success stories (much more efficient than trial and error techniques) and learn what it takes to be a leading sustainability organization.



Leadership Framework 2.0

PSRT members recently developed this framework to enable benchmarking and improvement planning for organizations.

The Leadership Framework defines good practices for topics such as:

  • Product hot-spotting
  • Product development & improvement
  • Sustainability-driven breakthrough innovation

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Our upcoming North America and European meetings will discuss these practices along with other emerging product sustainability issues, and participants will share concrete examples of how practices have successfully delivered business value.